Sunday, December 20, 2009

On Blogging

Me (and my wonky eyebrowns) in Ma's coat in last night's blizzard from HELL

Recently I have been inspired to blog more. And by recently I mean in the early morning hours of today, when I stayed up til almost 8 a.m. perusing other people's blogs and being jealous of their coolness. Woe to me in my neverending unhipness. I think my thing with blogging, tweeting, fbooking, or interneting in any kind of way is that it is hard for me to put so much of myself out there to be judged. I'm such a private person and I hate to think that people I don't even know will come across my posts and judge judge judge. I admire people like my cousin Em who puts herself out there, bare bones and daringly honest and beautiful and fascinating in her honesty. I want to be like THAT. Someone once said you have to be interested to be interesting and I think that is so spot-on. Those who have shared their interests with the interwebz have become ludicrously successful over the recent years, because they struck a nerve with people like me, holed up in their rooms, huddled under blankets, laptops firmly situated on tummies, hoping to find a kinship with others and thus not feel like such a freak. Feel me? Anyways, that is one of my resolution for the year.

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