Sunday, October 12, 2008


In keeping with my newfound wanderlust, I am sojourning to Ecuador in January with Global Volunteer. I am not prepared for snakes and spiders *shudder* and the indigenous people making fun of me in their native tongue, but the time has come to leave home for a while and get a bit of clarity and perspective on the big wide world. 

I'll update more as it approaches, but I'm already racked with traveler's nerves. Sounds to me like this pansy needs an ass-kicking, and nothing does that better than being plopped down into a country where no one speaks your language and the present you bring home is one you'll spend six to eight weeks getting rid of. 

The bright side of all of this is that I will hopefully get to teach English in the schools, and get to live in one of the most gorgeous and sought-after places in the world for two weeks. Service is my passion (no bj jokes pleaseandthankyou), so I'm finally ready to take the first step.

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-emily- said...

AWESOME. I'm so excited for you!

PS. Glad we're blog friends. No no, better than blog friends-- blog cousins.