Sunday, October 19, 2008

Morning Glory

A blog- because there's nothing else to do at work 

The day goes as follows: I wake up 45 minutes late for work. Typical. It's only my second day of being on my own and already I'm dropping the ball. Luckily, my lateness is partially overshadowed by the scheduling snafu that was caused by a dumb broad who decided she had better things to do than call out herself. Touching. 
Speaking of touching, my swollen lymph node is getting smaller, so that's good. I feel like one of those colonial men who journal-led every day, about the menial and the mildly interesting. 
"Today I woke up and said 50 hail Mary's. Martha made porridge for breakfast, which she knows I hate. I gave her 10 lashings. Praise be to God Almighty."
And so forth. 
The alarm just went off and it took me minutes and minutes to shut it off. It was one I hadn't heard before, and I tried every combination I knew but to no avail. Finally i just punched in a random combination and it gave up and turned off mercifully. 
My professor says I am too long-winded in my writing, so I will leave it at this for now. 

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